California’s insane new water restrictions are the last straw for scores of residents

A new law in the Golden State that limits how much water can be used by families throughout the state is driving more people to throw up their hands in surrender and find other places to live.

As if paying quadruple the national average for a crappy little hovel flat or apartment in most big cities wasn’t bad enough, now Gov. Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown and his band of merry Democratic lawmakers have made it impossible for most people to do laundry and take a shower on the same day.

Not even kidding.

Under the fiction of human-caused “climate change,” the new law empowers California nannies to monitor how many toilet flushes, baths/showers, and laundry sessions residents engage in. 

“This from politicians who have pushed policies creating homeless and drug abuse crises throughout the state,” writes author and pundit Tammy Bruce at The Washington Times. “[T]he new bill rations water to a degree that makes it impossible to maintain a healthy home environment.”

It’s as though state lawmakers want Californians to feel more like the drug addicts living in one of the many ever-expanding tent cities for the homeless.

Signed by Moonbeam on May 31, AB 1668 — billed as “water management planning” — builds on previously approved legislation calling for “a 20% reduction in urban per capita water use in California by December 31, 2020.”

“The bill, until January 1, 2025, would establish 55 gallons per capita daily as the standard for indoor residential water use, beginning January 1, 2025, would establish the greater of 52.5 gallons per capita daily or a standard recommended by the department and the board as the standard for indoor residential water use, and beginning January 1, 2030, would establish the greater of 50 gallons per capita daily or a standard recommended by the department and the board as the standard for indoor residential water use,” it says. (Related: Nationwide real estate trend begins: Move to Texas if you’re conservative.)

More nanny state regulation

CBS-13 in Sacramento asked residents what they thought of the new law.

“With a child and every day having to wash clothes, that’s, just my opinion, not feasible. But I get it and I understand that we’re trying to preserve … but 55 gallons a day?” said Tanya Allen, who told the local news station she has a 4-year-old daughter.

We ‘get it’ too — California’s nanny state legislators (are they exempt from the restrictions?) will never rest until they can control every single resident’s life every single minute of every single day.

And they may not rest even then.

How ridiculous is this law? Bruce notes:

To give you perspective on how much water basic chores require, the station noted an eight-minute shower uses about 17 gallons of water, a load of laundry up to 40, and a bathtub can hold 80 to 100 gallons of water.

The crazy gets even worse. The state, via various municipal water authorities, wastes hundreds of billions of gallons a year thanks to water pipes that were first installed at the turn of the 20th century.

In 2014, at the height of California’s last drought, some 20 million gallons of drinking water rushed down Sunset Blvd. and flooded the UCLA campus thanks to yet another busted pipe.

The state that continues to stuff in tens of millions of people — thereby adding to usage problems — is also losing residents. Bruce notes that in recent weeks Fox News reported, “A whopping 46 percent of California Bay Area residents fed up with the region’s high cost of living and soaring home prices are planning to pack their bags and move out in the next few years … .”

California cannot support 38-plus million people. But it can’t impose ridiculous water-use limits, either.

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J.D. Heyes is also editor-in-chief of The National Sentinel.

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